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Olivia Clarke

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Olivia blends the insights and practices of the Yoga traditions and Buddhism, to create a balanced and integral approach for living. With 20 years professional practice in Shiatsu and Yoga, she interweaves her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Meridian Theory, with the Buddhist teachings of Mindfulness and the Wisdom traditions of Yoga.

The cultivation of balance, the marriage of Chinese Medicine and Yoga and the dynamic dance of Yin and Yang are at the heart of her teaching style. Insight or Wisdom is a deep inner listening and knowing of ourselves, which can lead to more wholesome ways of living, both on and off the Yoga mat.

Her teaching style will appeal to those who wish to dive deeper and integrate both psychological and spiritual teachings, within a practical and grounded framework. Olivia avoids extremes and is more interested in a balanced and sustainable approach to living. Yoga is a lifelong path.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is in many ways a teaching on inward drawn attention, using a series of deeply restorative postures, inspired by Taoist Yoga and held for several minutes at a time. In a Yin Yoga class, you will find a place for silence and stillness, in which you can explore the subtle realms of the meridian system, as well as cultivating a deeply meditative approach to your practice, one that listens to the body at a deep and intuitive level.

Yang Yoga (Vinyasa)

Yang Yoga is a continually flowing sequence of poses that helps to build heat and energy in the body, as well as encouraging flexibility and strength. This energizing and warming practice is balanced beautifully with the more restorative, calming and cooling practice of Yin.

Yoga and The Five Elements

Integral to Olivia's teaching style are The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, which she first studied as part of her Shiatsu Training. She practices and teaches Yoga in harmony with the natural world and the changing seasons: Spring relates to the Wood energy, Summer (Fire), Late Summer (Earth), Autumn (Metal), Winter (Water).

Each Yoga session is designed around these elemental themes and their corresponding meridian pairs. Not only does it feel intrinsically right to practice in harmony with the natural world but we can also self diagnose our condition and choose a practice that is appropriate for what is going on at any given moment, responding sensitively and intuitively to our bodies, hearts and minds.

This approach to Yoga is deeply healing and well balanced, honoring the seasons, the ageing process, the life cycles of the body and whether we feel sick or well, depleted or buoyant. We take up residence in ourselves with whatever is going on. The Five Elements are like going into the sanatorium, that healing sanctuary within.

Olivia is primarily interested in practicing and teaching a style of Yoga that is nourishing and has longevity at its core. She is less interested in the gymnastics of Yoga and more interested in using each asana as a vehicle for self-enquiry, meditation and insight.

Please call for more information: Tel: 01600 740785 or Email: olivia@oliviahealingyoga.co.uk