The Coach House Wellbeing Retreat

Who owns The Coach House

Olivia and John Clarke live in The Vicarage, opposite The Coach House, with their two daughters and whippets. Both have lived in London and Wales and have travelled extensively. They are lovers of quiet, hospitality, family, creativity, wellbeing and design.


Olivia ClarkeOlivia Clarke
Olivia is a Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation teacher. She has been teaching since 1998 and has also trained in Shiatsu with Chris Jarmey and Healing Shiatsu with the late Sonia Moriceau, with whom she studied Shiatsu and Mindfulness for 10 years, before meeting her current and ongoing teachers Sarah and Ty Powers. She has trained to Level 3 (Warm Hearted Awareness) and is currently registered as a student in training for Insight Yoga ( She is a practitioner of the Buddha Dharma and is committed to deepening her practice, as a life long student. Also a registered teacher of The Yoga Academy ( and Sivananda Yoga ( Teacher Training and Advanced) and has done a number of trainings with Shiva Rea ( You can read a full profile of her teaching style on her website:

John ClarkeJohn Clarke
John, in his early years, was a Fashion and Advertising Photographer, based in London. He then started a Film Production Company and Directed Commercials. He won a number of awards and was in the industry at a time of blossoming creativity. He has always run his own Limited Companies. He has travelled widely and has many interests, in art, design, architecture, world politics and finance and has always enjoyed cooking and tennis but most of all his family’s wellbeing.


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